Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Quality and Durability

Flat seam metal roofing refers to the joining of metal panels that are folded one over the other progressively, and hammered down to form a flat seam. Most commonly used on low slope and flat roof surfaces, flat seam metal roofing is fully soldered at the seams to provide a weather tight joint. Flat seam metal roofing can also be used on curved surfaces such as curves and vaults, and are usually made mostly of copper. The flat seam metal roof is so popular that it has been found on buildings dating back as far as 3000BC, and today covers a large majority of houses and buildings across America.

Advantages of a Flat Seam Metal Roof System are:

A standing seam metal roof has one of the lowest life cycle costs available on the market, and will typically last up to 20 years with no maintenance at all. One of the primary advantages of a standing seam metal roof is its resistance to all kinds of weathering, and the mechanical seamer used to crimp panels together allows for a puncture resistant watertight seal. Concealed expansion clip fasteners are used on the panels, to allow them to move during thermal contraction and expansion, and thus eliminate the need for screw penetrations which are a common source for leaks.